Our Story

1 vision, 2 continents, 3 years and 4 prototypes.

It took over three years for our original idea to become Saw & Sew. The journey started in Arizona, has roots in the Caribbean and flew to London by way of Vancouver.

In April 2015, while visiting furniture stores in Arizona, Winston thought about how selling furniture could be done a bit differently to make unique pieces more accessible. Back in the Caribbean, where he was living at the time, Winston developed this idea into a more concrete concept. He figured he could break down a furniture design to its absolute core, then mass produce this core as a component to be customized and finished by the customer. Not only would this make custom furniture more affordable, it would make building and designing furniture more accessible. In short: Custom furniture for everyone.
Equipped with a concept, Winston moved back to his hometown of Vancouver to pursue his vision. Over the next two years Saw & Sew’s initial product was designed and honed. A local Vancouver craftsmen and his team helped develop and fine-tune four prototypes. Once complete, a fully functional prototype in hand, Winston moved to London to explore the European market. It was here Saw & Sew was officially born.