Anna Laurini Collaboration

From fans to collaborators with some very cool results. We first found and followed Anna Laurini before reaching out to create ten very special accent chairs.

Anna is a very cool artist. She’s burst onto the London scene with an instantly recognizeable style that permeates feminity whilst acknowledging great artists Picasso and Matisse. She even paints her street pieces with a brush! We are thrilled to work with a down to earth artist who’s primary motivation is unleasing her brush wherever and whenever.

The first time we saw Anna Laurini‘s work was on Great Malborough Street in Soho over a year ago. After a quick search to identity the mastermind behind a series of bold portraits, we followed her on Instagram. Months later, Anna posted an Instagram Story of a tray she had done and we immediately thought if she can do a tray, she can do one of our accent chairs. A simple “Want to do a chair?” exchanged for a “Yeah why not?” and a collaboration was born.

We anticipated Anna painting the back of a few chairs and then we would upholster the seat and back. Upon sharing this with her, she thought it sad to cover a potential canvas with upholstery – we agreed. If that wasn’t enough, when we picked up the first two chairs, we had a great surprise: she had painted the underside of the seat.

Saw & Sew’s Anna Laurini accent chairs are hand painted, limited to ten and our first artist collaboration. We are very lucky to be doing them with such a wonderful artist.

Checkout Anna’s site: and we strongly encourage you to follow her on Instagram: