London Design Festival Pop-Up

Committing to a pop-up during the London Design Festival pushed us to develop exciting products faster.

We decided to host a London Design Festival Partner Event two and a half months before the show. Component production hadn’t finished and there were no chairs to show. Thankfully, we had all we needed: motivated partners and a concept that empowers us to design, develop and produce new products quickly.

The annual design event is a very competitive stage to stand on – it’s not something to approach half heartedly. We knew limited time meant focusing on development. We set a goal to develop as many production ready chairs as possible but, they had to be something worth talking about.

Leading fashion houses Missoni and Jean Paul Gaultier design some truly incredible home textiles. We started with them – sourcing upholstery fabrics from Missoni Home and Jean Paul Gaulier by Lelievre. Our accent chairs upholstered in prestigous fabrics would be both stunning in aesthetic and value.

We had always dreamed of doing artist collaborations and lucky for us, we connected with Anna Laurini. See our Anna Laurini Collaboration post for that story.

Finally, we needed an armchair and headed to the workshop. We had a design that we messed up cutting the arms too small to sit flush on the outside. They fit inside so we attached them and thought the lines were beautiful. Our first armchair would be fully upholstered.

At our launch party, we showed eight chairs – five of these were production ready and remained for the pop up. Stay tuned for updates on the other three.