Our Philosophy

We can make a significant impact on the environment by addressing the problem of waste.

Developing eco-friendly materials that more readily decompose in landfills is brilliant – and will certainly help the ecosystem – but one of the core issues is overconsumption. As a society we need to completely rethink the way we are producing, consuming and getting rid of materials.

How Saw & Sew Addresses Sustainability

To help you take responsibility for your environmental impact, Saw & Sew have put reusing and recycling at the heart of our business. Rather than throwing out old chairs, we can refinish, reimagine or recycle them.


To refinish or update your chair:

  • Choose a new fabric and have it reupholstered
  • Change the cushions
  • Repaint or have a powder coater change the component colour
  • Sand and refinish any wood elements


To completely reimagine it:

  • Choose a new seat and back design for an existing component
  • Add new elements (arms, headrest, etc.) to an existing design and refinish it
  • Use an existing steel component to create a chair for outdoor use
  • Resell the product, allowing its new owner to choose any of the above options


Contact us – if you’re based in the UK, for a nominal fee we’ll pick up your chair and recycle it into a new product.