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Your custom chair is made-to-order and dispatched in about 4 weeks.

In addition to choosing the upholstery, you can customise the width to ensure a proper fit and choose a seat depth that suits your height.

Locally-made: the entire chair is produced in England – components in Uxbridge, wood in Tottenham, upholstery in Shoreditch. Learn more

Best of all, when you’re ready for a change, your chair can easily be refinished, reimagined or recycled! Learn more

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Looking for something more meaningful?

We’re not the cheapest – our value is more meaningful. We use premium materials but more importantly, we’re confident in saying there is nothing at our price point that’s as sustainable and customizable as our chairs. Locally produced made-to-order furniture delivered in about four weeks that can last for life – if you value this statement, our chairs are an incredible value.

Our Components

Looking for something truly one-of-a-kind?

Whether you’re an architect, a designer or simply creative, Saw & Sew empowers you to create custom furniture quickly and easily. Using our steel component, you can choose any flat, strong surface – like plywood, solid wood or recycled plastic sheets – for a seat and a back and then select your preferred cushioning and upholstery method. Learn about Our ConceptPatent Pending

    Pip Chair Base

    The basic chair is there - just add upholstery
    Made In: Tottenham, Uxbridge
    Dispatch Time: 2-3 Weeks
    Customization Options: Component Colour, Depth, Finish, Height, Width
    £235 inc. VAT

    Pip Component Set

    Empowers anyone to make a chair – in whatever design, style and fashion they choose!
    Made In: Uxbridge
    Dispatch Time: 2-3 Weeks
    Customization Options: Component Colour
    £195 inc. VAT
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Placing creativity and ingenuity alongside feasibility, we aim to engage with and empower others, from in or outside the furniture world, to envision a design and see it through to a finished, affordable piece.

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