Saw & Sew founder, Winston, inspecting production of Pip components

We're all about creating something uniquely yours, supporting local businesses, and fostering a deeper, sustainable connection.

Celebrate Individuality

Whether it's a commissioned piece of art or a made-to-order chair, break free from standardized offerings and create something truly unique.

Support Sustainability

By supporting local design and craftsmanship, we nurture a vibrant ecosystem and foster a deeper connection.

Keep It Real

The ability to shape and personalize the products we interact with on a daily basis nurtures our sense of self and enhances our connection with the material world.

Our mission

To make compelling design more accessible and sustainable.

Our vision

We believe empowering individuals to create better will make our world better.

Our values

  • Be candid and communicate
  • Don’t claim what you don’t have
  • Imagine and invent things
  • Consider new ideas
  • Respect everything
  • Keep balance